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July 2022 Age
2 years ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the July 2022 Age! I apologize for another absence from the game, I will try to be better going forward.

Here are some of the changes being brought into the new age:

1. Alliances are here! They will be separate from the other version. I will try to release the Kingdoms mini-game within a week, once I have everything finalized.

2. Formula balance! I have been trying to slowly balance the attack / defense stats. The result is that attack will be more powerful until defensive wonders can be unlocked. There have been several notable changes:
- Attack, Cavalry, and Ninja Units are stronger now
- Siege units become increasingly more powerful as you advance the siege weapon technology
- Defense Wonders are slightly more powerful
- Spies are more powerful

Shrine balancing is still a work in progress, but hopefully shrines will be more useful in the future.

Best of luck to everyone, and have fun!

- Copephobia

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